Melbourne Writers’ Festival – Tickets Now on Sale


In past years I’ve had some wonderful experiences at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival.  Germaine Greer giving a keynote address.  A writing masterclass with Simon Winchester.  Another year, another masterclass, this one with English biographer Victoria Glendinning CBE.

But this year family responsibiilties mean I’m not able to go, not even to Helen Garner’s opening night address.  And that’s OK*.

I’ve spent enough time at writer’s festivals to realise that, enjoyable as they are, I’m now probably better off spending my precious spare time writing.  Surely if I can go to the effort of making time for a festival, then I should be able to make the same time available for writing.  ‘Should’ being the operative word here, as it’s often easier said than done.  But one day I really would like to get my hands on a Platinum Pass and immerse myself for days on end in the festival experience.

Information about 2014 Melbourne Writers’ Festival is available here.

* But if I can subsequently access a podcast or video, I’ll be sure to post the link.


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