Newsflash: Winner of the 2015 Stella Prize is…


0f956054-3c84-4d9f-b393-adb7fb8ea62f-620x372Emily Bitto, for her debut novel The Strays.

Well.  That goes straight to the TBR pile then.

Bitto collects $50,000 for her win – congratulations!

I’ve heard nothing but praise for all the shortlisted books, so my sincere congratulations to all of this year’s writers:

  • Christine Kenneally, The Invisible History of the Human Race
  • Sophie Laguna, The Eye of the Sheep
  • Ellen Van Neervan, Heat and Light
  • Maxine Beneba Clarke, Foreign Soil
  • Joan London, The Golden Age

For the background stories behind each shortlisted book, try this piece, from The Guardian


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    • I’ve just finished Christine Kenneally’s and it is fantastic. Definitely room in the TBR pile for The Strays and The Golden Age, the others I’m not quite as sure about (for me, that is, because I’m sure they’re all great).


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