Marrakech – where the medieval meets the 21st century.


It’s entirely possible that I might be in Marrakech this week.  No literary musings, no reviews – all I’ve done is work and sleep (badly).  But now I have two and a half days to explore this wonderful place.  My hotel (riad karmela) is down a tiny alleyway* and from there I can walk through the labyrinth of souks to the central square at Jmaa el Fna.  The streetscape is charming and the people are friendly and kind.

Morocco is a 21st century country but Marrakech provides a glimpse into the cities of the past.


*Down several tiny and ever-decreasing alleyways, if the truth be known!  The taxi had to drop us 5 minutes from the door and I’m still surprised the driver, after many close shaves, got even that close.

IMG_4509 IMG_4511 IMG_4507 IMG_4503 IMG_4491 IMG_4486 IMG_4485 IMG_4481 IMG_4476 IMG_4473






















IMG_4499[1] 2 IMG_4488[1] 2
















IMG_4478[1] IMG_4492














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