A cold day in… Elsinore


We all know Hamlet never set foot in Kronberg Castle at Elsinore (Helsingør, Denmark) because, um newsflash – Shakespeare was not producing documentaries. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to go there.

And given how bloody cold it was (yes they’re icicles on the downpipes) I’m not at all surprised Hamlet was wondering whether or not life was worth living. Apologies to those of you who have already seen these on Facebook.






















Yes, I go on work trips to interesting places.  No, my working life is neither glamorous or exciting.


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      • Oh dear, Michelle. Once that would do… My first trip to Europe was cold and bleak. Never again I think. If I need a big parka I don’t want to be there! A wuss I know, but I also know what that sort of cold and clothing does to my skin and health and it’s not worth it. It will have to be warmer times for me. One day…

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